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Ashtanga Yoga


Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic style of yoga which was popularized by the late Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, a south Indian city.  It uses the vinyasa system (coordination of breath and movement) to form a flowing, moving yoga practice.  As a result, this creates internal heat which purifies and detoxifies the body and mind.


Ashtanga Yoga is a moving meditation.  It is a sequence which the student slowly memories and, in the process, builds strength, flexibility and stamina.  It brings peace to the mind and balance to the emotions.

There are 2 forms of traditional Ashtanga classes – Mysore and Led Sanskrit classes.

A Mysore style class is a private class in a group setting.  Each student works at their particular level (physically and energetically) while the teacher moves around the room offering guidance and physical adjustments to students when they need them.  It is possible to have students of all levels in this class and students can practice in a gentle soft manner or in a strong intense fashion – depending on their individual needs of the day.  The room is quiet, and this allows for students to connect with their breath and their inner worlds.  In a Mysore class, it is not important for students to start and finish at the same time. 

A led Sanskrit class is a one where all students practice at the same time.  The teacher counts every vinyasa and breath.  It is a strong, energizing class.

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