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Monday : 6:30, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 

Wednesday : 6:30, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 

Friday : 6:30, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00  

Saturday: 9:00


Saturday (once a month )

From 17:30 - 19:30...

Authorised Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Claire is a dedicated student of the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method.  She has travelled almost yearly since 1999 to study yoga, Indian music (with a focus on the bansuri), Ayurveda, mantra, meditation, and Vedic philosophy.

Claire was a direct student of Pattabhi Jois and continues now to study from his grandson Sharath Jois.  She practices Primary, Intermediate and Advanced A Ashtanga Yoga asanas and has the blessing of the KPJAYI to teach both the Primary and full Intermediate Series.

While in Mysore, Claire has also been an apprentice to Sharath with both his morning western classes and his afternoon Indian classes.  

In addition to her Ashtanga yoga studies, Claire has spent many years under the direct guidance of Swami Niranjanananda and his teachers learning Bhakti yoga.

As well as teaching Mysore-style Ashtanga guided self-practice, led classes and workshops, Claire also leads guest workshops and retreats at studios throughout Europe, India, and Australia.  Her approach to sharing yoga asana (from beginners to more seasoned practitioners), is one that contains a balance of both strength and gentleness. She has a deep awareness of the biological function of the asana at the same time she can relate the physical to the emotional, mental, and devotional elements of this rich yoga practice.

Claire is Australian born, and established Ashtanga Yoga Shala Provence in the south of France in 2012 where she teaches in both French and English to a mix of local students and international visitors.

Claire balances her passion for Ashtanga Yoga to being a mum to her young daughter Ananda.  Claire also holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, a master’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Sydney, Australia and a Post Graduate qualification in English Language Teaching from Cambridge University, England and she worked for over a decade as a University Professor. With such a solid foundation as an adult educator, Claire excels at meeting her students (of both yoga and linguistics) at where they are and extending them comfortably beyond where they can take themselves.




Tuesday : 18:00 or 18:30

Thursday : 18:00 or 18:30

I practiced modern jazz dance at a high level for 25 years in Bordeaux. I love travel, music, art and spirituality.

I have been a yogic apprentice with Claire Saunders for a few years now and I am discovering the art of teaching with passion!

I respect the tradition of mysore scrupulously as Claire transmits it.

I look forward to meeting you on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for the beginner Ashtanga class and to sharing this practice that has definitely changed my life!"



Iyengar Yoga

Wednesday : from 10:15 to 11:30 

Thursday : from 9:15 to 10:30 

Hello, 1 am pleased to meet you!  So a little bit about me! I am a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher ( and have a 200 hr Vinyasa certification (The Maze Method). My passion for how yoga can benefit us has led me to embark on my C-IAYT certification to become a Yoga Therapist (, so as to offer personalised lessons that are specifically adapted to the mental, physical and physiological needs, of the individual or a small group of people.

Having discovered yoga Iyengar in 2007, I found it helped me to balance a demanding professional life with lots of travel and to help care for a painful lower back and neck and to ease my asthma symptoms. My yoga practice was also a valable companion during my pregnancy at the age of 43! My passion for understanding more about the mind and body connection, has led me to study yoga biomechanics, myofascial release massage and meditation techniques such as the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Yoga Nidra.



Children's Yoga

Wednesay : from 15:30 to 16:30 

As I am a schoolteacher, I am in daily contact with children and see firsthand, the challenges children have with concentration and stress (for many different reasons).

Yoga for children gives many tools for children to develop their mental and physical balance - and to have fun in the process.

Vanina lavender.jpg


Kundalini Yoga

Vanina is a yoga teacher since 2007, she practiced in USA few years on her own before to ride the beautiful road of teaching. She started with kundalini yoga then explored asthanga, hatha and iyengar over the years to gain knowledge. As today her classes are kundalini yoga first, as a complet yoga practice that helps knowing yourself, your body, your mind, energy, chanting, meditation and so much more. Classes are in all respect of everyone, communicating and listing, with a slice of humour in the goal to enjoy the relaxing moment together. Each class as a different pratique of exercice, everyone goes at his own pace, observation experience guided by vanina. She will share her experience and let you discover your own.

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